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Asian carp in Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal foil boaters' journeys

Extra voltageOn one of the busiest boating weeks of the year, dozens of watercraft are docked along the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal near Romeoville, casualties in a win-at-all-costs battle with a shadowy underwater nemesis: the mighty Asian carp.

The razor-toothed carp is not native to the rivers of Illinois, and its voracious appetite and prolific breeding have long sent chills up the spines of aquatic researchers who fear it may one day make its way into the Great Lakes and devastate the region's $4.5 billion fishing industry.   more...

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How about posting the names addresses, tel numbers of those that caused this to happen at the hacheries in AK. When arsonists start fires out west they are convicted and sent to prison. Really they should be terminated as terrorists. Well the same goes for those that turned these carp loose. If something is not done and soon...there will be vigilantism like never before seen on the face of this earth.9/4/2009 11:39:52 AM
James Landon
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