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Granholm shoves after Legislature refuses to push for water laws


Push has come to shove over water use laws proposed for Michigan.

State legislators so far haven't pushed very hard on the issues of groundwater use and large-scale diversions of Great Lakes water.

So Gov. Jennifer Granholm is giving the process some needed shoves.

In the last days of May, she announced that the Department of Environmental Quality would reverse its longstanding policy and regulate future groundwater withdrawals that alter the size of an inland lake or stream.

That was after the state attorney general's office admitted in Court of Appeals papers that the DEQ wrongly ignored a law that let the agency regulate withdrawals with permits.   more...


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Here we are still playing politics with something that has to be more importent then being reelected. The way we go about this law making and regulation making for the water we all need to protect is very importent and needs to be addressed now. The Govenor is absolutely correct in insisting that those republican legislators need to put aside the little power craze they are having and realize that something really importent for a change is in need of being done. Legislators are supposed to be looking out for the people and resources and not be catering to industries that promise them plenty of money for their re-election. If they are going to sit still and play dumb now , then I suppose they will have to settle for being defeted by their own stupidity. That's ok with me as I never voted for any republicans anyway. It would be so nice if polititions had the courage to do what was right for the people and the enviroment without being swayed by pressure from the poltical parties that claim to be the power of government. They have made a game of government and that in itself is sad enough but now they are trying to make a game of the future for all of us who live and work in the State of Michigan. When the game is over and the final score is zero for everyone, who will be the MVP? Talk is cheap and that's what polititions do the best at. We need to do something now and it will take action not words to get it done. We have the ability to shape our future and the future of generations to come but do we have the courage to do it? Pat Waite Canton Mi.6/14/2005 3:30:10 AM
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