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Save One Design? Here's How!


by Wally Cross

I am glad to hear from so many different one design boat owners praising their boat and the area they sail. So how do we help local one designs build their fleets with new owners of older boats?

First Step:

A) Locate One Design Boats

a. Area

b. Number

c. Class Web Site

d. Price

e. Guys to talk to             more...


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What about the SHARK class? These are 24ft self righting keel boats that only draw 3ft. Small Frac rig makes new sails cheap like only $400 for a brand new kite! These were designed by George Hinterhauler back in the 60's when fiberglass production boats were a relatively new concept. These boats have NO coreing so their hulls and decks remain very dry and strong to this date some 40 years later. Replacing or strengthening wet interior wood bulkheads is a relatively simple task. There were thousands built and surprisingly, most of them are still sailing today. There's even 2 companies in Germany who still build these to the very strict class rules. There's highly competitive worlds and regional events each year. They only weigh 2400 lbs and can be easily single point lifted and trailered. They have 4 bunks and a great built in icebox. What more could you want? I think these would make a great club training or timeshare boat since they're virtually indestructable, cheap to aquire, and easy to maintain due to their small size. There's even a shop in Canada that supports the fleet with class approved replacement parts like rigging, rudders, tillers, window seals and technical support. These boats can be purchased for as little as $1000 (US) and can be made race ready for another $1-2000. The really tricked out ones can be purchased in the $5-8000 range, complete with outboard, trailer and competitive sail inventory. Southport sail club in Canada on Lk St Clair has a fleet of over 20 boats and hosted the worlds in 2006. This boat really comes into it's own in winds over 15kts. It will plane easily and is a blast to sail in over 20kts, sailing way above it's PHRF rating in those conditions. Upwind in 20kts, it is as fast as many newer 30 footers. The Shark is not much on size, but neither is is's cost. On the other hand, it's actually crusable, very safe and easy to maintain.1/15/2007 11:09:13 AM
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