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2012 Interlake Midwinters - D.C. - by Skip Dieball


The Interlake Midwinters were, this year, hosted by the Washington DC fleet after a number of years down at Davis Island in Tampa.  The fleet responded to the change of venue with 18 boats showing up!

The weather on Friday for everyone's arrival was terrific with sunny skies and temps in the 70s.  For myself and Paul Abdullah, it provided the perfect situation to team up with Terry Kilpatrick from Customflex to put the finishing touches on my new Interlake, #1428.  Terry truly outdid himself on this one.  A few years ago when I sold 1418, I was nervous that I had sold the fastest Interlake ever built.  After all, I had won 3 consecutive Nationals in that machine....but let me tell you, 1428 is everything that boat was, but better.  The rigging is perfect, and it looks incredible and fair.  I'm excited and can't wait to sail it again!  more...

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