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Birch-bark canoe pulls family members together


COMSTOCK PARK -- When he was 10, Evan Karel aspired to construct a birch-bark canoe the way his Odawa ancestors built them.

Karel, now 41, finally built that dream canoe last year with help from his 10-year-old son Nate, a fifth-grader at Comstock Park's Pine Island Elementary School.

At Nate's urging, Karel recently brought the 14-foot-long, 3-foot-wide canoe to the school to show Nate's classmates.

"For a while, that was pretty much what everybody was talking about at school," Nate said. "It seemed like everybody was coming up to me and saying, 'What happened to that canoe?' "   more...


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this is Nate karel I was looking around the internet and fond my dads name did not think I was on a web site well I am in the 9th grade now still use the the canoe Evey now and then2/10/2008 9:07:34 PM
nate karel
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