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Pugnacious Rapanos on verge of his biggest fight


The Bay City Times
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the U.S. Justice Department's civil case against Rapanos, who is accused of violating the Clean Water Act by filling in wetlands in Michigan in 1995.   more...


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Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Here we have someone who is objecting to how he can use his land while in fact what he wants to do is sell it to a developer who will build homes that will no doubt have a covenent to tell the owners how they can or can not use the land. It seems to me that Mr. Rapanos should have looked at the rules before he started his little project and certainly before he purchased the land in the first place. We all have rules that govern the way we can and cannot use our land and these rules are well founded in the american way of life and the urban developement as well. You can't build a skyscraper in the middle of a subdivision and you wouldn't be very happy if someone were to try to. This whole issue seems to be one of those, " I've got rights" things with the emphasis on "what I want to dowith what's mine" and the law that says "we all must be governed equally under the law". This nonsense about people doing whatever they want with there land has never been and will never be a practical way of giving everyone a fair deal.2/22/2006 7:42:19 PM
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