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Wind turbines in Great Lakes?

By Todd Richmond

ALGOMA, Wis. - A little red lighthouse. Boardwalks. The blue-green waters of Lake Michigan stretching to the horizon.

Itís just another pretty-as-a-postcard view on the shores of this sleepy town of 5,700 a half-hour east of Green Bay. But how long the unspoiled vista in Algoma and in other communities along the Great Lakes will last is anybodyís guess.

Government and industry officials are set to meet in Madison and Toledo, Ohio, this month to talk about the prospects for installing giant electricity-generating windmills out in the Great Lakes.   more...


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Their is a group in Massachusetts that is also trying put 600 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound. There is also a group trying to stop the project from happening and they have had alot of sucess. Some research with this group would be beneficial if you do not want this to happen in your own back yard. I believe the group is called Save the Sound but I am not positive.6/8/2006 10:56:43 AM
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