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The Catalina 310


Micca Hutchins

What do you really need in order to sail happily? A reason for the success of mass boatbuilder Catalina Yachts, with some 66,000 sailboats to its name, has been its ability to stay apace with the developing tastes and desires of sailors. Now the California-based company has picked up on an expanding market segment of sailors: couples. Catalina's response is a new 31-foot, $75,000-weekend-and-vacation-cruiser. The Catalina 310 makes a convincing case that bigger isn't always better- and that smaller can be just as nice.    more...


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The Catalina 310 has been out for over 5 years. I own one. I believe the "new" Catalina you may be referring to here is the new Catalina 309. If the Catalina 310 is now selling for $75,000 I'll slit my wrists!3/23/2006 5:04:08 PM
Robert Himes
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