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Michigan hunting, fishing fees could double under plan



A committee that wants to double some hunting and fishing license fees in Michigan has begun the slow, uphill battle to convince state lawmakers the increases are needed.

The plan would double the cost of a firearm or archery deer license for Michigan residents from $15 to $30. For out-of-state residents, the cost would jump from $138 to $165.   more...


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i snowmoble and know that the needs to slow up on there spending.there was a trail permit fee started around 10 years ago to maintain the trail system and it started at 5 bucks.well the state seen that and the very next year it was 10.00.this fee was to keep nice trails in michigan today the fee is 25.00 and this is per year and the trails are like the roads are.we buy a lot of gas with a road tax on it and none of that money goes to the trails.all this did was put more fun governors out on the trail to give tickets so the state could get more money.soon there will be more government than poeple thats why the fees keep going up.so now what they are trying to do is hit the fishing sport well for the average person i dont think it is right12/8/2006 5:10:03 AM
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