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Lakes Huron, Michigan to approach record lows, 25 inches below normal


Low water levels have a wide range of negative impacts, including less commercial shipping and recreational boating.D

etroit Lakes Huron and Michigan this winter are likely to approach or set record low water levels, a new report predicts.

By December, the two lakes are likely to be just above, at or just below record lows of 1964-65, according to the 6-month projections of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

"The entire Great Lakes basin received below average precipitation for the month of August," the report said. "Precipitation levels for the Superior and Ontario basins were especially low."

An abnormally dry winter followed by a summer drought sent all Great Lakes levels plummeting, but none as significantly as Huron and Michigan. Those lakes are replenished not only by rainfall, but outflow from Lake Superior.  more...

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