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Augers for ice Anglers


More and more winter anglers are following in the wake of their open-water counterparts and using high-performance gear. Few anglers these days chop ice holes with axes or spuds, but the most important piece of modern ice-fishing gear - the auger - is often given little consideration as to whether it's the best one for the job at hand. You can't fish until you've put a hole through the ice, and your success often depends on the size and number of holes and the speed at which you drill them. If you're a serious ice angler, you need a serious auger.

Needs vary across the province. Some anglers get to fishing areas on snow machines, so auger weight isn't a problem. Others have to carry gear or drag it on hand sleds. Every ounce counts. The size of hole they need varies. Some anglers fish for lunkers; others for panfish. There's no perfect auger for all situations.  more...


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