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A Buoyed Spirit


Irondequoit's Keith Burhans happily sails on after surfacing from adversity  

To say the waters were rough for Keith Burhans in 1995 would be an understatement. Weíre talking tsunami.
  It was a titanically bad time in the Irondequoit sailorís life. His paternal grandmother died in January of that year, his dad died in June, and he lost his legs in a boating accident in July.
  Burhans surfaced from the depths of that year as one of Americaís brightest stars in the world of disabled sailing. Combine that with his gratitude for hospice care -- which guided his family through the end of his dadís battle with cancer -- and you have a passionate skipper participating in the National Hospice Regatta this weekend in Annapolis, Md.   more...


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