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A Reader Responds to his Senator....

Sen. Schumer,
I don't consider myself to be a political activist by any stretch of the imagination, but the proposal to reduce federal standards that would allow the dumping of partially treated sewage into the nationís waterways is for lack of a better term, insane.
I understand that the current state of the world is forcing the nation to be more fiscally responsible, but the long term costs, in the context of the environmental damage that this proposal will force upon us is staggering.
Prior to 1996 I had resided for a good portion of my life in the upper Midwest. Last summer I returned to the northern regions of Lake Michigan with my wife and two children, all who are lifelong residents of New York. They were absolutely astounded as to the size and the sheer beauty of the lake. I was proud to have introduced them to it. After a week of swimming in the lake, we returned to New York. Shortly there after, both of my children came down with coccsacia (sp?), a nasty rash that left them with sores in their mouths. I thought that it may have been a coincidence, but my nieces from both Michigan and Colorado were also infected. It may be that the lake was not responsible, but the pattern of our nationís lakes becoming eutrophic concerns me none the less.
My college education centered around limnology and oceanography, and I have spent a great deal of time over the last 15 years working for small engineering firms designing and building wastewater treatment plants, so I am somewhat comfortable in my knowledge of the subject. I understand that there are politicians who view those that they serve as hamsters. That's fine, it may well be the case, but they need to keep in mind that our cages need to be cleaned on a regular basis. I trust that you will, or already have, become familiar with the proposal and will make the right decision.
Mahopac, NY

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I only wish that more people could do the kind of writing that N. C. Of Mahopac , NY has done in the effort to convince our beloved Senetors in Washington to be aware of the truths of their actions in regards to long term effects of any kind of polution in our fresh water resivours. Pat Waite Canton MI.1/5/2005 4:12:52 AM
Hey I need some help here, does anybody know where to find a copy of the proposed changes? I have gone to the Federal Register and Thomas searches, and have come up empty handed. I attempted to contact the GLRC but have recieved no response. I would further say that it doesn't require a great deal of effort to contact your congressmen using congress.org. You have a voice, so make it heard on this issue. I might be a hamster, but if we all bang on the cage, maybe they will listen. E.Hough Mahopac, NY1/13/2005 1:44:39 PM
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