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Newsletter - Tuesday 4/18/2006 - Sailing Edition


What is a Spreader Patch?

Question: I've noticed spreader and stanchion patches listed as an option on the AirForce Sail quoter... what are they?

Answer: Spreader and stanchion patches are pieces of self adhesive ("sticky back") dacron, that are applied to both sides of headsails where the sail rubs against the ends of the spreaders and the lifeline stanchions, while beating upwind and while tacking. This is to protect the sail from damaging chafe at these spots.   more...


Just the beginning for the Optimists

Picture / Paul EstcourtMaking it across the startline in one piece is half the battle for the 235 young yachties competing in the national Optimist championships at Torbay.   more...


Early Season E-Scow Testing – April 9th, 2006

Inland Sails

The ice is off the Wisconsin lakes, so Bill Allen came down from the still ice covered Minneapolis region to test the new 2006 E-Scow mainsail and jib designs. With help from John Gluek at Dimension-Polyant Sailcloth, some new jib materials have been developed. These new sails were tested in some light to medium conditions with Bill, Jim Gluek and Eric Wilson. The brand new 2006 E-Scow of Ted Rolfs was used for the testing and also put through the first paces of its life. The team is excited to get into some real racing with their new boat.  more...


Spinnaker hoist: the fast mode

A spinnaker hoist at a top mark is in most cases a maneuver associated with anxiety. Mainly because many crew know how disastrous a mistake with this flying sail can end. Some of them still have nightmares with images of the last colors from the kite disappearing in the blue water.... and wake up sweating...

However most top mark rounding when kites can be hoisted are crowded with boats and with small distances between boats, many places can be won or lost there, and what easier way to win places is there than having more speed. And what easier way to get more speed is to set your spinnaker earlier and quicker.   more...


VOR - A part of the Journey

ABN AMRO TWO clooses on the finish line to conclude Leg 5 © David BraniganThe welcome in the spring sunshine of Baltimore may have been just as warm for Seb Josse's young ABN AMRO TWO team at the back of today's steady stream of Volvo Open 70s which arrived in the Inner Harbour today as it was for any of the others, but skipper Josse arrived insisting their worst result of the race so far will prove just part of the fascinating journey for this young crew selected from all over the world, and will not affect their morale, or change the way they sail their boat.  more...



After four tough days of racing off the Mediterannean city of Marseille the victors spoils in the Melges 24 Class at SNIM 2006 go to the Italian Team of Amadori Ezio aboard Bete, helmed by Nicola Celon. Their final day scoreline was more than sufficient to hold their overnight lead and win the regatta by 15 points from second place Benjamin Cohen sailing Sogeti Transiciel for Monaco.   more...


Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2006

Around 250 of the world’s best young sailors from a record 62 nations will flock to Great Britain this July for the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2006. Home of the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition, the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy will host the 36th and biggest ISAF Youth Worlds from 12-21 July.  more...


Quantum Takes Top Honors at 2006 Charleston Easter Regatta

Zack Clayton

The annual Easter Regatta at Carolina Yacht Club hosts some of the best sailing anywhere for this two-day event. The regatta hosts the E-Scow, MC-Scow and for 2006 the Melges 17 class. The regatta schedule is for some great racing on Friday afternoon and then a couple of races Saturday with an awards ceremony that is held on the Battery in the wonderful home of Sonny Meavers.   more...


Confessions of a Sailing Virgin, Part Two

By Sister Clean
reprinted from


Part 1

[note: names and identities have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is entirely intentional.]

The not-so-subtle indoctrination into the sail racing culture continued my first night in KW at the aptly named "Sloppy Joes" when the future Mrs. Clean pressed me into service in her quest to tattoo every possible sailor with the logo from USA 570 "Cujo." I was given a stack of temporary tats and told that bonus points were available for imprinting Cujo's competitors in the Melges fleet. Apparently this was the only way that my brother could ever cross the line in the top ten. Although Mer had quite a head start developing her drunken tattooing techniques at Melges worlds the month before, I am a very quick study.    more...


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