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What You Can Do About Sleep Deprivation:

Lessons from Around-the-World Solo Sailors

At first approach, one may think that the problems of fatigue, alertness impairment and sleep deprivation faced by competitive athletes sailing solo around-the-world couldn't possibly relate to everyday living. However, the reality is that the issues that these competitors face are not substantially different from those experienced in the workplace and the strategies they use to deal with sleep deprivation could have a great deal of relevance. Indeed, the around-the-clock availability of key services is becoming a necessity in this era of technological innovation, increased automation, and downsizing. Hospitals must be available to handle emergencies; police and firefighters to protect our lives; trains, airplanes, and road vehicles to ensure swift transportation of people and goods across the globe; power plant operators to provide uninterrupted electrical service. Competitive pressures of the global economy are forcing a growing number of organizations and businesses to provide their services twenty-four hours a day. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 20% of the workforce in industrialized countries work some form of night or shift-work.    more...


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