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community weblog - [ When a Squirrel is a Mole? ]

When a Squirrel is a Mole?


Eastern Gray SquirrelStartling new evidence is emerging that the recent discovery of 100 or more squirrel bodies on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan may be linked to a controversial military communications system.

Project ELF, was a Navy project with the mission of allowing Trident and Poseidon submarines to remain undetected at operational speeds while remaining in continuous communication with the President and Secretary of Defense. This was accomplished with the use of "Extremely Low Frequency" (ELF) radio transmitters. Until quite recently, the Navy operated two huge transmitters in the Chequamegon National Forest near Clam Lake, Wisconsin and in Upper Michigan's Escanaba River State Forest.

On September 30th, the Navy abruptly shut off these transmitters. This move stunned peace activists and environmentalists who had campaigned against the transmitters since research began on them in the 1960s. More troubling though is the fact that the decommissioning of the transmitters is linked to what Michigan DNR biologists are calling “a mass squirrel die-off”. In the days leading up to the closing of the facility, hundreds of squirrels have begun washing up on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

To the casual observer these events would appear unrelated. A closer look reveals troubling evidence of a connection between the squirrels and America’s national security.  More...

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