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community weblog - [ First Trans Superior Singlehanded Challenge ]

First Trans Superior Singlehanded Challenge


Entries for the first Trans Superior Singlehanded Division are now being accepted for the August 6, 2005 Trans Superior International Yacht Race.

Since 1969 the Lake Superior Yachting association has held the Trans-Superior International Race every other year following the Chicago to Mackinac Island and the Port Huron to Mackinac Island races that are held in July. This 380 mile race starting in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada clears the northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula and finishes in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, fully crossing Lake Superior from East to West.

Lake Superior is not an ordinary body of water. With depths of over one quarter of a mile it contains 10% of the world's fresh water, enough to cover both North and South America under one foot of water or swallow up all the other Great Lakes with room for another three Lake Erie's. Water temperature at the surface can reach 60 to 75 degrees in the summer but the true deep lake temperature is 40 degrees which comes in to play when the wind kicks up.

2005 will be the first year for a Singlehanded Division in this Race. Members of the Great Lakes Singlehanded Society (GLSS) approached the Lake Superior Yachting Association in 2004 and proposed the idea of this added option. Details were worked out and the Division has been added by partnering the two organizations. All entries for the Singlehanded Division must be submitted through the GLSS. Go to http://www.solosailor.org/apps.htm for all entry forms and information. The prospective skippers will be reviewed by the GLSS Board of Directors for acceptance in the same manner that all applicants for their annual concurrent mid-June running of the Singlehanded Port Huron to Mackinac and Chicago to Mackinac Challenges. Acceptable applicants will be forwarded to the Trans Superior International Race Committee (TSRC) who will actually conduct the race with both the fully crewed and the Singlehanded Division. TSRC will conduct the awards ceremony following the race but an added incentive for successful completion by solo skippers is possible membership in the GLSS.

Lifetime membership in the GLSS is only given to finishers of the Singlehanded Mackinac Island Challenges but a change to the GLSS constitution last February allows solo finishers of the Trans Superior to apply for GLSS membership. Those that have completed the Challenge within the guidelines of the GLSS will be awarded membership and a commemorative cast medallion at the Annual GLSS membership meeting to be held at Bayview Yacht Club, Detroit, Michigan on January 21, 2006.

For more information on the GLSS and the Trans Superior Singlehanded Division visit http://www.solosailor.org

and click on "Upcoming Races".

For more information on the fully crewed Trans Superior visit http://www.transsuperior.com/

Race date is August 6, 2005. Regular entries are due June 14th, late entries up to July 24th. Check all requirements at the noted web sites.

Posted by Dick Lappin - GLSS member

Eric Thomas - TSRC and GLSS member

Dan Pavlat - GLSS member and GLSS Board of Directors



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