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Support H2ONotes (by credit card online!)


I need your help! Many of you are regular readers of H2ONotes and have commented in countless emails about how interesting and valuable you find the publication. We appreciate the positive feedback.  H2ONotes is a product of technology provided by Edict Incorporated and more importantly the tireless efforts of Michael Thomas (pictured left) acting as the publication’s Editor.

Each day, Mic (as he is know to friends) spends 2-3 hours surfing the web and finding neat stuff to put into the publication.  For over a year Mike has been doing this “…’cause I want to be part of something cool!”  To tell you the truth, our original intention was to sell advertising and we promised Mic he'd get rich.  The problem is we haven’t sold a dime of advertising yet. The way things are going, we’d rather remain independent of advertisers anyway.  This is where you, the tireless reader, come into the picture.

We’d like to pay Mic a little something for his time, pay for his Internet connection and upgrade his aging 486 computer.  While we plan on making it official by getting 501.C3 (tax deductable) non-profit status, we're no quite there yet.  We're hoping you'll donate anyway.

We’ve set up a website for donations by credit card to make this very easy on you.  So you know we're no just buying beer and gas for the boat, we’ll report on donations and how we use them in the publication.

If you enjoy the publication and could spare the $5 bucks, we implore you to visit our donations website.  The donations site is secure and processes your donation automatically through a leading service provider.  It will send you a receipt in your email when donation processes.

Click Here Help!

Tor H. Hough, Publisher

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