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community weblog - [ From Uncle Sam to Carnival Cruise Lines to You ]

From Uncle Sam to Carnival Cruise Lines to You


Raymarine 650 Hyd Pilot System with T150 Pk& T1 Pump

It used to be the case that Raytheon instruments were only for military and commercial customers.  But hey, isn't this a "trickle down" economy?  Now the average boater can have access to some really top notch hardware.  Raytheon has really pumped up the features of its new consumer lines.  Check out the RAYT12081 and others at RB Marine.

The RAYT12081 features a rugged autopilot control head with rotary control and power steering mode. With its rotary steering control and power steer mode, Raypilot is a popular choice for motor and sportfish yachts. Behind the autopilot control head is the intelligence hub of the system, the Corepack. Consisting of an advanced course computer, fluxgate compass and rudder feedback, the Corepack is an integral part of the autopilot system.   more...


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