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Help Support H2ONotes!


The Project

H2ONotes is a not for profit venture.  We don't load down the publication with advertisers so we really don't have a way to make a profit.  Last year, on the eve of the Bacardi Bayview Mackinac Race, we gave away 2,000 Mardi Gras beads on the docks in Port Huron as a promotional stunt.  It took just over 20 minutes.  The beads promoted a contest on our website where we gave away free lodging on Mackinac Island and other cool stuff.  We had so much fun in Port Huron we gave away another 1,000 beads at the party on the island following the race.  It was effective marketing for H2ONotes, we found 500 new readers!

We plan on giving away a minimum of 25,000 beads this year.  Between Port Huron and the Island there are nearly 100,000 sailors and curious onlookers.

To offset the cost of the beads and the website updates, we would like to sell sponsorship on the beads and on the contest website. 

The Wish List

In support of the project we are looking for the following:

Contacts, Contacts, Contacts.   Your contact may be enough.  If you know someone that may be willing to help with anything on this list then get them in touch with us.

Bead sponsor or sponsors.  The delivered cost of the beads will be between $11,000 and $13,000.  We are looking for a corporate sponsor to pay for the beads in exchange for logo placement on the beads and the contest website.   This is cheap advertising!   We're thinking there might just be a reader who knows the account execs for Budwiser, GM, Ford, Chrysler or someone else that wouldn't mind helping out a good cause and getting a promotional lift.

Volunteers to Dispense Beads.  We should actually charge for this opportunity.  People go crazy when they see you handing beads out.  Think Mardi Gras!  This is definitely a feel good way to help out a good cause.  The smiles you get from the happy recipients are worth the effort!  We need two hours of your time in Port Huron on the Friday night before the 2004 Bacardi Bayview Mackinac Race on July 17th.

Prizes for the Giveaway.  Last year we gave away hotel stays on Mackinaw Island and other great stuff.  If you've got something you'd contribute as a prize we'll happily accept it.  Prize sponsors will get listed on the website and mentioned in articles related to the contest.

Contact Us to Help

If you can help with any of our listed needs (or anything else you might think about) then email us at editor@h2onotes.com.  If you prefer to call then contact Andrea, Tor or Mike at (248) 650-4962.




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