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More About H2ONotes

sample newsletterH2ONotes is an electronic newsletter geared toward water-related activities, enthusiasts & issues.
The newsletter is distributed daily during the peak summer months and weekly during the off-season.


Our editorial staff searches all corners of the web for content of interest to our subscribers. We are guided by our distribution statistics that help us understand what topics are of particular interest to each of our readers. We give our subscribers the content they want to read.

In general, people don’t read feature length articles online like they do in conventional paper-based publications. The resolution of the computer’s screen is vastly inferior to printed-paper. The human eye tires very easily reading online. For this reason, we deliver the news in quick, easy-to-read snippets. Rather than spending our time and resources writing lengthy articles, we spend it pre-surfing the web gathering links and editorializing about the neat stuff we find.


So many water enthusiasts from around the state enjoy more than one of Michigan's different waterways. We attempt to cover news, events and issues for a cross-section of the Great Lakes Region. This is possible because we are primarily digesting from other online sources. We supply our subscribers with a rich variety of articles from throughout the state.

Personalized Issues

Every article is related to a certain collection of categories. As you click & read the articles, we keep track of the topics of most interest to you.

For example, you may enjoy articles related to personal watercraft and using Michigan's State Parks. Or perhaps you particularly enjoy activities in Saginaw Bay, especially fishing. We are able to filter more articles about those topics directly to you. If you don't see the articles in which you are interested, please keep reading, in time you will begin to see a more personalized H2ONotes.

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